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Bus Discipline Policies


The Curwensville Area School District will operate a School Closing/Delayed Opening Program during the 2015-2016 school year.

If weather conditions disrupt the normal schedule of the school district, parents and students should tune in to one or more of the following televisions or radio stations:  WPSX-TV 3/WPSU. WJAC-TV 6, WWCP-TV 8, WTAJ-TV 10, WCPA/WQYX, WOKW, WDBA, WDSN, WCED/WOWQ, WPBH, and WFBG/WFGY.

We are asking that residents not call the school district or the television or radio stations with questions since the phone line must be kept open to receive necessary information and make decisions concerning the daily schedule.  Announcements will be released to the media stations as quickly as possible.

Delayed starts will be one or two hours depending on the severity of the weather conditions.  Students should report to their bus stops one hour or two hours later than the normal time.

Parents should use their own discretion as to whether or not to send their children. If, in their opinion, weather conditions are too adverse in their particular area, they may keep students home and indicate the reason on the students excuse the next school day.  Absences for severe weather conditions are an excusable reason for missing school.

All parents are encouraged to have appropriate child care arrangements in place in the event an early dismissal of school is necessary.



If students are to be picked up early for appointments, a note must be sent to school advising the school of this.  Parents will then come to the office (Curwensville) and students will be called.


If students are being picked up at the end of the day instead of riding their regular bus home, parents must send a note to school in the morning notifying the school of this change.  Parents will wait outside until dismissal time.


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