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Medication Procedure

The Curwensville Area School District has a limited supply of over the counter medications for students in order to improve the educational environment.  There are standing orders by our school physician for a very limited amount of over the counter medications.  A permission slip must be signed by the parent/guardian each school year.  If this signed form is not present at the school, no medication can be given.  No verbal permission will be taken over the phone. 

If the over the counter medication is not listed on the form or is prescription, the prescription medication form must be signed by the parent/guardian AND private physician.  It can be faxed to the school by your private physician at the fax number 236-7014.  Any questions on this procedure should be directed to the school nurse at the phone number 236-7603.  
This procedure has been updated in accordance to the new state law in the administration of medications in the school setting.  All medications will be given by a licensed nurse (CSN, RN, or LPN).
Parents Please Note:  Epi-pens and inhalers may be carried by students for emergency use but must first be cleared by the school nurse.  An updated prescription med form must be present and updated yearly at the nurse's office.  A parent/guardian and private physician signature is required.
Over the Counter Med form OTC med form 
Prescription Med form prescription med form

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