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State Mandated Screenings

over 2 years ago

All Grades- Growth screenings which include height and weight with BMI, and vision screenings by the school nurse

Hearing Screenings for grades K through 3, 7, and 11, and all life skills students

Kindergarten- Physical exam and Dental exam

Grade 3- Dental exam

Grade 6- Physical exam

Grade 7- Dental exam and Scoliosis Screening 

Grade 11- Physical exam


Please Note: Dental and Physical exams may be done by the child's private physician with the forms signed and returned sometime in that school year or the school will provide a free exam by our school physician Amy Turner PA-C or school dentist Dr. Jordan.


For private physical exam form click on the link below:

private physical form

For private dental form click on the link below:

Private dental form


Community Resources

over 2 years ago

CHIP - Pennsylvania's free or low cost health insurance program for children.

The State Health Center
, Clearfield, PA - offers free immunizations to children.  Call 765-0542 for an appointment.

Local Shoe Bank - students can get free shoes/sneakers - Trinity United Methodist Church 814-765-9222

Emergency Food Program - 765-3353

Summer Grief Camp for Kids , contact Lori Parks at the Clearfield Hospital at 765-5341, or email her at  

LIHEAP - helps low income families pay their heating bills.  Click on or 1-866-857-7095.

PA Assoc. for the Blind - provide low cost glasses ($40.00) to children.  570-323-8194

The Soap Shop -  offers free soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and more.

The Free Methodist Church, 520 Turnpike Avenue, Clearfield
Open from 9 - 1:00PM the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month

Clearfield County Board of Assistance - 1-800-521-9218

Community Action - 1800-22-2610

Family Resources Warmline - 1-800-641-4546 

Adagio Health (for pregnant teens/STD/Pregnancy prevention):  765-9677

Life Line Pregnancy & Infant Services - 765-3225

Healthy Kids Helpline - 1-800-986-2227

Autism Society of Pittsburgh - 412-856-7223

Lee Anorexia & Bulimia Support - 1-800-833-4404

Peer Support for Eating Disorders - 814-894-5505


Current Immunization Requirements

6 months ago

Parents please note: 

 Students entering 7th grade must have the meningitis vaccine (MCV) and Tdap vaccine.

 Students entering 12th grade must now have a second meningitis vaccine (MCV).

All vaccines must be completed before the school year starts. 

Immunization records may be faxed directly to the school nurse at 236-7014

Please call the school nurse at 236-7603 with any questions.


Pennsylvania's school immunization requirements can be found in 28 PA Code Ch.23 (school immunization).

immunization law 

parent letter 


All students must have an updated immunization record on file at the school.  Kindergarten students may not be admitted without it.

Current Kindergarten Immunization Requirements:

4 doses of DPT, Td, or DTaP - 4th Dose must be on or after the 4th birthday

4 doses of Polio (IPV or OPV)

3 doses of Hepatitis B properly spaced

2 doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) - first dose must be on or after the child's first birthday

2 doses of varicella or history of having actual chickenpox disease-first dose on or after the child's first birthday

Note:  The State Health Center, Clearfield, PA - offers free immunizations to children.  Call 765-0542 for an appointment.  





Medication Procedure

over 2 years ago

The Curwensville Area School District has a limited supply of over the counter medications for students in order to improve the educational environment.  There are standing orders by our school physician for a very limited amount of over the counter medications.  A permission slip must be signed by the parent/guardian each school year.  If this signed form is not present at the school, no medication can be given.  No verbal permission will be taken over the phone. 

If the over the counter medication is not listed on the form or is prescription, the prescription medication form must be signed by the parent/guardian AND private physician.  It can be faxed to the school by your private physician at the fax number 236-7014.  Any questions on this procedure should be directed to the school nurse at the phone number 236-7603.  
This procedure has been updated in accordance to the new state law in the administration of medications in the school setting.  All medications will be given by a licensed nurse (CSN, RN, or LPN).
Parents Please Note:  Epi-pens and inhalers may be carried by students for emergency use but must first be cleared by the school nurse.  An updated prescription med form must be present and updated yearly at the nurse's office.  A parent/guardian and private physician signature is required.
Over the Counter Med form OTC med form 
Prescription Med form prescription med form