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Pennsylvania College Planning Guide

  • The College Database has created a no-cost resource dedicated to higher education in Pennsylvania. The goal of the page is to help high school students and their families research and identify campus, online and hybrid learning opportunities in the state that fit their needs.

     The Pennsylvania guide includes a complete look at the state's community colleges, public universities, private colleges, technical schools and distance learning options. College hopefuls can then find potential schools using our proprietary search tool, which allows quick and accurate searching by institution type, setting, size, city and cost. Students can also see the best colleges in Pennsylvania for...

       - Current and future service members

       -  Student-teacher ratio

       -  Women in technology

       -  Return on investment

     All data used in the guide and in our search tool comes from government databases such as the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS). 

    Help our high school students

     Our goal is to get this data, information and search tool in front of as many high school students as possible. We have a tremendous opportunity to help young students make informed higher education decisions. You can check out our Pennsylvania colleges guide and the search tool here:

    Thank you so much for your support. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the page or our website.

    Doug Jones
    The College Database
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