Booking Procedures

Please First check the appropriate calendar to see if the area you want to book is available.

Auditorium is not available from 7:54 am to 7:37 am, 11:00 am to 12:27 pm, and 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm every day. -The Curwensville School Auditorium Calendar can be found here:

Makerspace The Makerspace is not available from 11:34 am to 12:17 pm and 1:05 pm to 2:32 pm every day.

Curwensville Elementary Outdoor Classroom

Curwensville School Van Calendar

High School Gym Calendar:

Elementary Gym and Cafeteria

Fairman Center

High School Cafeteria Calendar

Elementary Library

Curwensville School Pool

Curwensville School District Sports Field/Area

High School Health Room

Curwensville School Mat Room

Elementary Art Room