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Coaching Staff
Golden Tide Basketball Coaching Staff

Varsity: Head Coach Matt Wassil
Asst. Coach Eric Johnson

Junior High: Head Coach Eric Duriancik
Asst. Jr. High Coach: Jason Bowman

“During critical periods, a leader is not allowed to feel sorry for himself, to be down, to be angry, or to be weak. Leaders must beat back these emotions.”

Gold Standard

2 hours ago

Congratulations to Ty Terry and Trevor Lansberry for being selected to the Mo-Valley League All-Star team!

Booster Club
The next booster club meeting will be Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018. It will start at 6 pm.

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Core Values

about 1 year ago

Curwensville Golden Tide Core Values



We take pride in everything we do and recognize being a part of this team is an honor that we hold in high regards.


We show respect to all those we come in contact with such as referees, fans, parents, teachers, coaches, and ourselves.


We do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do.


We are committed to overall well-being of the entire program.  We will do what is necessary to make the program successful on and off the court.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.  Never settling for less than what can best be achieved.

"A commitment to a common goal with those you hold in high regard is a satisfaction unlike most others in this world."  - Coach Wassil

Standards of Behavior

about 1 year ago

Curwensville Golden Tide Standards


No whining, no excuses. Ever!

Always show respect.

  Be on time.

Academics are a priority.

100% effort at all times.

Be a positive good teammate.

Be open to new ideas.

Be a leader.

Elementary Drill of the Week

about 1 hour ago

February 26th
This drill is a good warm up drill to use in order to get ready for a more intense shooting workout.

January 20th 
This drill will help players improve their ability to dribble with both hands.
As you get better, here are some more two ball dribbling drills you can try.
January 27th 
Don't worry about mistakes.  Keep working hard and have fun!!!!
Coach Wassil 

December 17th

Simple Shooting Drills you can do by yourself.  Set a goal, reach it, set a new goal.

Hydration Formula

about 1 year ago

Hydration Formula: Your weight/2  Example: 180/2=90

90/16 because 16 ounces is amount in an average bottle= 5.625

 This means a player who weighs 180 lbs. should drink 6 bottles of water a day to

be properly hydrated.

During games and practices, add only an extra 24 ounces of water. This should be done in increments.

Eight ounces 30 minutes before activity and then 16 during activity.

***National Strength and Conditioning Coach Gary Schofield Jr.


GT Boys Basketball All-Time Records

about 1 year ago

Individual Records and Accomplishments

Most points in a game; best free throw % in a game, MVL All-Stars.  Find them here.

Leaders Only (By Category)

Want to know the top player in any major category.  The best of the best are here.

Stat keeping is time-consuming and not as clear cut as you may think. The Golden Tide program owes a lot of thanks to the Clearfield Progress, former coaches Benny Irwin, Vic Gearhart, and Jim Fleming who have watched hours of film in order to keep the statistics as up to date as possible.  3-pointers have only been tracked since their inception during the 1987-88 season.  Steals, and charges drawn have been tracked since the 1988-89 season. Blocked shots and pass deflections since the 2000-01 season. No statistics are perfect and some coaches have put more emphasis on certain statistics.  This is the most accurate we can do.  Enjoy!