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Date: October 15th PSAT  Pre-Registration, Cafeteria 10th & 11th grade participating                1:15 p.m.

          October 16th PSAT Cafeteria 10th & 11th grade participants Per 1-4

Cost: Free

Location: Curwensville AHS Cafeteria


Who Takes The Test: All sophomores and juniors.


Why Take The PSAT: On average, students who take the PSAT score 146 points higher on the SAT than those who do not.  The PSAT and SAT measure the same skills and have the same format, directions, and question types.


Other Benefits From Taking The PSAT:

- Juniors taking the test may be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship, based on scores.

- Improve Student Test Skills: The PSAT score report gives students comprehensive personalized feedback on their test performance, allowing them to see which questions they answered incorrectly and which academic skills they should work to improve. 

- Plan for College and Careers: Students who take the PSAT receive free access to My College QuickStart, a personalized online college-and-career-planning kit that helps student search for colleges, explore majors and careers, and get a personalized SAT study plan.


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