• Tina Fleming ~ Grade 5
    Contact me:  236-1411
    Parents  and  Students:
     Sign up for "Remind"!!
    This will allow me to send you emails or text messages (whichever you choose) to remind you
    of upcoming events.  Parents have said that they love getting these messages because often notes
    do not make it home in a timely fashion...or at all!  
    I will be teaching math to my homeroom as well as Mrs. George's homeroom.  Students in Mrs. 
    George's homeroom can sign up as well.  There are not as many messages that are sent about math, but I will often send a quick note informing parents that there is a quiz or test coming soon.   
    Remind  is set up so I do NOT see your phone number or email address.
     Follow the directions below to sign up today! :)  
    2.  Type in the following code to sign up for my class:
      My Homeroom uses code: @gr5fleming
    Mrs. George's Homeroom uses code: @gr5george
      3.  It will ask for your phone number or email address (remember, I can't see your number or email)
    4.  You will be sent a code to enter.
    5.  It's that easy!

Last Modified on August 5, 2015