Sasha Brocious Ryan
    Position:  Reading Instructor, Grade 7
                      Literacy Coach, Grades 6-12
    Duties:     English Department Chair,
                      Professional Development Chair
    Email:       sryan@curwensville.org
    Phone:     (814) 236-1100 ext.437
    Mail:            Sasha B. Ryan  
                     Curwensville Area School District
                     650 Beech Street 
                         Curwensville, PA 16833 
    Welcome!! I love teaching Seventh Grade Langauage Arts Lab and giving the seventh graders the tools they need to read and succeed throughout their academic careers and in life! Whether you are viewing as a student, a parent, a teacher or a community member, I hope you can find something that you can use to make reading a part of your life! Please feel free to contact me through the above methods!
Last Modified on September 13, 2013