Honor Roll Requirements
    (effective 2000/2001 school year)

    Honor Roll for Each Grading Quarter Requires:

    93% Average with no grade below 90% and no Incompletes.

    Merit Roll for Each Grading Quarter Requires:

    88% Average with no grade below an 85% and no Incompletes.

    Graduating from Curwensville as an honor Student Requires:
    (effective 2000/2001 school year)

    90% Cumulative Average for Honors

    95% Cumulative Average for High Honors


    High School Graduation Requirements

    The existing graduation requirements are outlined in the student handbook, the Tide Guide, and are reviewed yearly.

      Pupils are required to earn a minimum of 23.5 units of credit
     during their four years of high school.  The 23.5 units include
     the following:

            a. 4 Units of English
            b. 4 Units of Social Studies
            c. 3 Units of Science (Earth & Space, Biology - required)
            d. 3 Units of Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry - required)
            e. 2 Units of Health and Physical Education (Physical Education
             each year, Health in  grade 10 - required)
            f.  Required Courses:  Guidance 9, Drivers Education, Computer Applications I,  Research 9

    Note: All of the above objectives were developed by subject/grade
            level in accordance with the Chapter 4 State Standards and
            the local defined standards.  Transfer students will be expected to
            fulfill the requirements starting at the grade level that they
            entered the Curwensville School District.  Students with   
            disabilities who satisfactorily complete a special education
            program identified in an Individualized Education Plan under
            the individuals with Disabilities Education Act shall be
            granted and issued a regular high school diploma by the
            school district.

Last Modified on March 26, 2007